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For ShapeLab(beta) makers Turn your creativity
into reality!

Leopoly has published its first VR prototype on Steam
Click here to download ShapeLab Early access

ShapeLab app by Leopoly is empowering everyday people to be 3D creators and artists in just minutes, after stepping in the VR lab. Release your creativity and make your own 3D models through digital sculpting and painting! In addition to the ShapeLab experience, all 3D models created in VR are optimized for 3D Printing.

3d model templates
7 sculpting tools
Unlimited painting
Open and save 3D models
export and 3D print

Set up the HTC Vive kit!

Launch ShapeLab for Steam

Let your creativity fly, create and have fun

Export and 3D print!

For Tailored VR Apps your brands Keep your company in the forefront
as virtual reality explodes into the market

VR Store and Product customization

for retailers in toy, gift, interior design industries and beyond

Virtual Reality enables us to view, feel and experience places and products as if they were real. Make online shopping more emotionally engaging and fun than ever by inviting customers from all over th world into your virtual shop! Let them examine, try out and personalize your digitized products just like in real life, except in VR there are no extra costs or consequences so the sky’s the limit!

Custom apps for unique goals

Stunning marketing,
storytelling, and demonstrating

Our flexible, creative and talented team is ready to provide fully tailor-made, industry specific, virtual reality solutions. Use VR technology - the world’s most powerful tool to engage your audience. We are ready to create your desired world and implement the tools you need.

Training and Healthcare

Effective knowledge transfer & rapid deployment

Virtual objects and models can be demonstrated, examined, and even assembled or modified in any environment without the physical and financial limitations of real objects. Digital training grounds running in virtual environments are able to improve creativity and others skills while granting a significantly more effective knowledge and understanding.

More VR apps


Leopoly has created a powerful VR training and therapy platform for amblyopia eye disease (lazy eyes) by teaming up with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and using Leonar3Do HW solutions. Since we achieved proven significant improvements in visual functions and fine motor skills, we have accepted the request to continue the project and develop a the final medical device.


STEAM students and teachers can now receive entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.



We are committed to developing more powerful design tools and turning the entire application into a social, shared virtual reality experience. Imagine meeting your friends from around the world - for a co-creation party in VR. Leopoly will let you collaborate with others, combine your imaginations, share designs and get inspired by each-other's works.

Collaborative creation experience

To achieve high quality, social, live experience with low latency rate, along with precise real-time simulation and mesh modification capability, we decided to team up with the best!

Our shared vision with High Fidelity has led us to form a powerful and dynamic collaboration to provide the most immersive social VR modeling application in the world. Learn More about High Fidelity and our cooperation here.

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About us


Roland is an innovative thinker and doer. He believes that 3D technologies can improve our way of life, and that the ability to create products fitting our needs is not only a necessity but can be fun as well. He started with a personalized cabinet knob in his daughter’s room and he is now working to expand the potentials of 3D to fashion, health care and many more. ((He also tried hard core coding. Once. ))


The second similar thing in Zoli and Roland besides that they are the CEOs, is that they are both allergic to cat hair. Zoli has been exploring, creating, operating, LIVING in 3D printing industry for at least 10 years.

We are so excited to see how the explosion of virtual reality has revealed new, uncharted territories while creating unlimited opportunities for everyone. Our team has already launched industry leading digital product customization and handy 3D design software solutions on various platforms. Now we are expanding our product portfolio into Virtual Reality, giving you a completely immersive and unlimited experience.